Canon T7 vs T7i – Which One’s Right for You?

Canon T7 vs T7i

Does one letter make a big difference? In the battle of Canon DSLR cameras, it does. For those who are debating whether to choose the Canon T7 vs T7i, the choice might not be so clear cut. So, let’s detail some of the primary areas where the cameras differ, to help you in deciding which DSLR is the right option for you.

Body & Weight

Today, having a lightweight camera is important to many photographers; in fact, it’s more important to some than price or overall quality. The Canon T7 is the winner here. It weighs in at 16.7 oz, which is well below the 18.7 oz that the T7i comes in at. In terms of size, it’s also a little smaller than the T7i, while both maintain the same sized viewfinder. Both cameras also have the same lens options and lens attachments.

For those who are strictly looking for portable, lightweight, and compact, the T7 wins here. However, it is not by much and both cameras are relatively light in weight.

Image Quality

While both cameras have the same megapixel resolution, at about 24 MP, the sensors on the cameras aren’t the same. Therefore, the image resolution isn’t going to be the same. The T7i features a new processor, meaning it incorporates an edge in resolution. This is especially prominent in low-light shooting situations. In dimly lit areas, where ISO is a factor, the T7i wins.

If you are shooting in well-lit areas, and are an amateur or beginner just looking to get some practice in, then you probably won’t realize the difference in image quality. But, those shooting in RAW mode, and the photographer with the discerning eye, who wants the very best resolution while processing photos, will want to go with the T7i.


Both cameras have similar buttons, however the layout varies slightly. A clear edge on the T7i is that it has a articulating touchscreen, while the T7 model’s is fixed. For software upgrades, the T7i has a new feature which is the guided menu (Feature Assistant), this is lacking in the T7. Both cameras feature wi fi and NFC, but the Canon T7i also features Bluetooth connectivity. This is great for photo sharing in remote areas, and allows for use of a phone as a wireless remote, rather than having to use wi fi.

The Shooting Types

The type of photographs you can shoot with both cameras is up to you. But, depending on where you’re shooting, and the quality of the image you would like to capture, the T7 and T7i have different benefits in different situations. For daily shooting, portrait mode shots, and landscape mode, the cameras are virtually identical. The 24 MP quality won’t vary much in these instances. And, given that you’re not shooting fast-paced or motion shots, means you won’t see a great deal of difference (if any) between the two cameras.

For street photography, the Canon T7i is slightly superior. Given the articulating touchscreen that’s mobile, you can adjust angles a little easier. It’s also superior with RAW shooting, which will give you greater depth perception in the shots your capturing. Where the T7i truly shines is in sports, or shooting fast-paced action. It trumps the T7 in performance and quality. With 45 focus points, great battery life, and faster 6.0 frames per second (vs 3.0 fps in the T7), images are superior. There’s also less blur. And, given that the T7i is superior in low-light situations, also gives it an advantage in dimly lit shooting conditions.

Video Quality

Obviously, in comparing the Canon T7 vs T7i, video resolution is something many people will consider. Unfortunately, in a world where so many competitors are offering 4K resolution, neither of the two versions offers this option for shooting video. Neither of the two is going to win you a prize for the best cinematic recording either. However, the resolution is okay for general video compilations.

Both models shoot 1080p resolution, but the T7i does it a bit faster at 60 fps, vs the 30 fps that the T7 can capture. Dual-Pixel Auto-Focus (DPAF) is another clear-cut selling point for the T7i, which is lacking in the T7 model. This feature allows the T7i to use the same focusing as an optical viewfinder in live recording mode. Recording in video mode is error-proof, and the T7 doesn’t have this stabilization feature.

Again, video quality won’t blow you away in either of the two models, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for 4K superior video capture options when buying a DSLR.

Overall Performance

A final area to review is overall performance in the Canon T7 vs T7i battle. Both cameras feature

  • Built in flash
  • 24 MP resolution
  • 1080p video quality
  • A similar interface
  • Wi fi and NFC3” screen

However, the T7i delivers new features which the T7 model doesn’t boast. It has the tilting touchscreen which the T7 is lacking. The DPAF is a great feature for video capture and helps stabilize and improve video quality, even though both cameras lack 4K resolution. The T7i also has double the capacity in terms of fps at 6 vs 3.0. Bluetooth is another nice feature which the T7i features.

Canon T7 vs Canon T7i Winner

The T7i is the superior model. Let’s be clear, for everyday shooting, for a beginner, who just needs to practice and improve their point and shoot capabilities, you might not want to opt in for a more expensive model (especially given a price difference of nearly $200 on Amazon). But, for those who are honing in on their skills, want better control in low light, want the adjustability feature of a touchscreen, and the photographer with the discerning eye (who can spot trivial differences in photos), the clearcut choice in the Canon T7 vs T7i debate is the Canon T7i model.

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