The Best Canon Rebel T7 Accessories

Canon T7 accessories

Photography is an interesting art that requires more tools besides a camera. You need several accessories to ensure you capture stunning shots. There are many camera accessories on the market, so it is crucial that you find those that fit the camera you are using. That said if you are currently using Canon Rebel T7 and in need of its accessories, you are reading the right article. Below are the best Canon T7 accessories to consider acquiring.

1. Dual Battery Charger

dual battery charger for Canon T7

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With this OEM compatible charger, you get to enjoy a fast charging speed. It can simultaneously charge two batteries, within two and a half hours, so you do not have to wait much longer to use your camera. Every charging slot works separately. Besides, the dual cell charger design boosts convenience; in case one battery depletes, you can always use the other.

The charger is ideal for travel, as it has a micro USB port that allows you to charge camera batteries using your laptop, power bank, wall charger, or car charger. A battery charged to the maximum allows you to take up to 800 shots before recharging.

The manufacturer designs this product with safety features that protect it against overcharging, short circuit, surge, over-discharge, over-current, and high temperature. Inside the package, you will find 2 LP-E10 Lithium-ion battery, 1 dual cell charge, a micro USB wire, and a storage case.

2. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Draduo Tempered Glass Screen Protector-5 Pack

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The LCD screen on your Canon Rebel T7 needs protection from scratches, sweat, dust, oily fingers, and dirt. A waterproof screen protector can help you with that. Its tempered optical glass structure features six layers of protective material that also blocks the UV rays yet allowing light in. Installing and detaching the protector is simple.

With its ultra-thin, high transparency design, you might even forget that you have an additional layer on your display screen. A pack of five makes it easier to swap protectors if one is damaged. Inside the box, there are 5 screen protect films, 5 dust stickers, 5 dry paper wipes, and 5 wet wipes.

3. Remote Control Shutter

Remote shutter accessory for Canon T7

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If you have a camera with a remote shutter connection such as Canon Rebel T7, you need a remote shutter. A wireless radio remote controller that allows you to capture images without holding your camera. The controller featured above has over 10 radio channels for you to utilize and runs on radio frequency of 433 Mhz.

The remote controller works in a range of up to 30 meters. Its wireless trigger configuration offers you five modes to utilize a single shot, bulb shot, unlimited continuous shots, three continuous shots, and five seconds delay shot. You can also use a wired trigger mechanism when using JJC.

4. Shutter Release Cable

Remote Shutter Release Cable

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SHOOT provides you with a 90cm cable that acts as a remote switch for your camera. Attach it on your camera and shoot beautiful landscapes without holding the camera. The cable replicates every function of the shutter release button on your camera and reduces vibration for varied shooting scenarios such as close-ups.

It controls shutter release, auto-focus, and capture shots without camera shakes. However, it does not require a separate battery; rather, it uses power from your camera. Press the button halfway to auto focus, complete pressing to take a photo, and lock the button for continuous shooting.

5. A Tripod

Tripod for Canon T7

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When you will be shooting for a long period, you need a tripod to free your hands and reduce fatigue. It also ensures the camera is steady. Polam-foto is a lightweight, compact tripod with a bubble level and comes with a carry bag. It is made of quality aluminum and ABS plastic for durability and sturdiness.

Its 360 degree swivel boosts the adjustability of the tripod to meet your shooting requirements. The quick-release plate has a secure mat that keeps your camera in place. It also makes it faster to remove and attach your video device on the stand.

6. Camera Case

Yisau Camera Case

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Your camera needs a protective housing, especially when on the go. Yisau can help you secure your gadget as you move from one location to another. It is a silicon rubber camera cover made from stretchable, soft, superior quality, natural components. It is light, durable, and guards your camera against scratches, abrasion, and scraping. You can access various functions of the camera with the case in place, including the buttons, battery door, and lens.

7. High Power 500mm/1000mm Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lens for Canon rebel T7

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A photographer’s gear is not complete without the telephoto lens. They allow you to capture breathtaking views. With Big Mike’s, you get to use a 500mm lens and double the power of the lens using the 2x teleconverter that gives you 1000 mm. It has a low dispersion optical glass with multiple coatings to decease flare. There is also an in-built tripod collar for enhanced lens balance. The manufacturer includes a T-mount adapter in the package, which allows you to use the lens with 35mm EOS SLR and digital Canon cameras.

8. 58mm Front Lens Cap Cover

Lens cap cover for Canon T7

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Offer your camera lens extra protection with this JJC’s 2 Pack 58mm caps. Keep moisture, dust, scratches dirt, and fingerprints off your lenses with these covers. They are easy to install thanks to the snap-on mechanism. Besides, the caps can fit on lenses of varying diameters. Their ABS material makes them light and durable. You can use the caps with filters and lens hood in place. The company also provides you with lens cap keepers. However, a string hole on the cap lets you attach a string on the covers to ensure you do not lose them.

9. Accessories Kit

Canon T7 accessories kit

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Instead of buying one camera accessory at a time, you can also purchase entire kits if that is what you need. Altura provides a PRO kit with different photography devices. It contains two types of 58mm lenses two telephoto and one wide-angle lens, six lens filters, 128GB memory card, 72-inch folding tripod, two lens pouches medium and large, two screen protectors, cleaning tools, lens cap keeper and holder, SD card wallet, universal memory card reader, floating strap, and a camera bag among other items.

Closing Thoughts

There are many best Canon T7 accessories on the market. You can always find the specific item you are looking for, whether it is a charger, screen protector, lens cover, camera case, remote controller, or tripod. If you like, you can purchase an entire Canon T7 kit such as HeroFiber PRO instead of buying one accessory at a time. However, some kits may not have everything you want, so you have to search for them elsewhere. The above products are examples of Canon T7 accessories to consider buying for an exciting, more fulfilling photography experience.

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